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Members of the aerospace industry collaborated to establish a single common Quality Management System, resulting in AS9100, 9110, 9120.   This series of standards covers the complete spectrum of organizations working within the aerospace sector –  from design and manufacture to maintenance organizations and distributors.

  • AS9100 – Quality Management System Requirements for Design and/or Manufacture of Aerospace Products
  • AS9110 – Quality Management System Requirements for Maintenance Organizations
  • AS9120 – Quality Management System Requirements for Stockist Distributors

The Aerospace Standards (AS) are based upon ISO 9001 and developed by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) to provide international consistency and address the specific regulatory, safety and reliability requirements demanded by the aerospace sector. 

These standards are implemented and supported by the world’s leading aerospace companies as well as throughout their supply chain partnerships.


Regulations & Standards

 Document Description Comments
A detailed description of AS 9100C changes, clause-by-clause, with the reasons for change and potential considerations.
PowerPoint presentation of changes introduced by Revision C of the AS 9101 Standard – an overview provided by the International Aerospace Quality Group.
A video presentation by ISA Registrar discussing the changes to AS 9100 introduced by Revision C and the timetable associated with implementation. (Video Length = 10:52)
Chart overview showing areas for risk management consideration under AS 9100.
Link to EverySpec site with free access to Military, DoD, Federal, NASA, DOE and Government specifications, standards, handbooks and publications.
Link to the NASA Online Directives Information System (NODIS) search and table of contents page.

Related Tools & Topics

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DoD’s guide to assist contractor Program Managers, program offices and Integrated Product Teams in effectively managing risk programs during the entire acquisition process, including sustainment.
A little-known, but very useful e-Handbook published online and jointly maintained by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and SEMATECH, a consortium of major semiconductor manufacturers, covering a great variety of statistical tools and techniques – including process control, sampling plans, design of experiments, etc.
IPC standards that are widely accepted within the Aerospace industry. For more IPC Standard info:
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